Increase Team Collaboration and Creativity

Da Vinci with Twist is a fun way to increase team collaboration and creativity. T

his session teaches your team collaborative methods they can use immediately within the session as they brainstorm on a topic of your choice.

Da Vinci with a Twist is a high-energy experience that is a fantastic way to kick-off a team or department offsite .

Brainstorming is an Art, not an Exercise

The Da Vinci Approach combine best practices in brainstorming with different methods artist, writers, actors, and musicians used to a create masterpiece or give a memorable performance.

The approach draws inspiration from a wide array of creative celebrities including Leonardo Da Vinci, Taylor Swift, Daniel Day-Lewis, Amy Poehler, and Jackson Pollack to name a few.

Bottom line: the Da Vinci approach maximizes  team collaboration and creativity to generate big ideas.

Da Vinci with a Twist Session

There are two parts to the Da Vinci with a Twist session.

Get in a Collaborative Groove

The first part of the session is a highly-entertaining overview of the Da Vinci approach to set the collaborative mood.

We explain the different methods in a very entertaining presentation combining stories from creative celebrities with examples from our brainstorming career.

Let’s Jam on Your Topic

In the second part of the session, attendees will break into groups and brainstorm on a topic of your choosing.

Each team will jam on the topic applying Da Vinci principles to not only learn the methods but also generate great ideas!

Key Takeaways

The following are three key takeaways from the session:

Set Up a Session for Success

How to apply nine guiding principles to design a successful brainstorming session.

take ideas to the next level

Take Ideas to the Next Level

How to use Da Vinci Methods to inspire your team and take brainstorming to the next level.

Apply in Live Session

Apply different methods by brainstorming on a topic of your choosing in a live session.

Session Specifics

The  following are details for the Da Vinci with a Twist Session


14 to 50 People


Two Hour Session


On site and Virtual Sessions Available


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