Next Level Nonprofit Session

We believe the best ideas lift up a community. They help an organization increase the impact they have – to make a bigger difference.

Helping organizations generate ideas to make a difference is the premise behind Ideas That Matter.

To help those who lift up the community, we are offering a no cost, virtual Da Vinci brainstorming session for select nonprofit organizations.

helping those helping others

Take your impact to the next level

The goal of this session is to focus on one goal and take your impact to the next level.  A goal could be:
   Increase donations
   Attract more volunteers
   Create a Campaign to Increase Awareness  

 Attract new members to join     
   Increase member participation
  Generate ideas for a new event

The session is geared to get your team to think different and generate ideas to achieve your goal.

What is in the session?

We will lead your through three phases of the session . We will set up your session for success, facilitate the session, and capture ideas from the session.
The following provides details on these three phases.

Setting Up Your Session

We will set-up the session by helping you define a North Star goal, decide on session participants, and create stimulus to get participants to think different – to generate big ideas.

This can be in a physical location or a virtual session so we can include people from multiple locations.

We Lead Your Session

We will lead the session guiding your team to next level ideas through facilitation, inspiration, and participation. 

 The session length is from ninety minutes to two hours and include six to eight participants.

Write-Up Your Next Level Ideas

After the session, we will write-up ideas and present them to you (and your team) in a one hour session.

Want to learn more …

If you are interested in an Ideas The Matter session, please complete the following and we will set up a call to discuss details.