extreme brainstorming


Not all brainstorming is greenfield, pie in the sky, and anything goes. Sometimes you get a square peg in round hole situation. This is what I refer to as extreme brainstorming. These sessions assess your skills as a brainstorming leader. Extreme brainstorming are the situations where you need to pull out all kinds of different methods to generate a successful idea.

This is the case with my experience with the Pontiac G4 and MySpace.

In this podcast, I reflect on a series of brainstorming sessions in 2005. The sessions were about launching a new entry level vehicle from Pontiac called the G4. The North Star was generating a launch idea for a massive media buy on MySpace for the vehicle launch (keep in mind MySpace was king in 2005, and Facebook was in social media diapers). Honestly, when we heard about the buy, we were dumbstruck thinking “who wants to be friends with a Pontiac G4?

As far as the “Friends with Benefits,” you need to listen to the podcast to find out how that enters the picture.

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