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Welcome to the Da Vinci Blog. This blog is about sharing stories to inspire you and immerse you in the Da Vinci approach to take your brainstorming to the next level.

layer experiential ideas
In brainstorming, I use a specific method to layer experiential ideas. These layers add depth to the idea and make it more appealing. A parallel is Jackson Pollock’s approach to […]
extreme brainstorming
Not all brainstorming is greenfield, pie in the sky, and anything goes. Sometimes you get a square peg in round hole situation. This is what I refer to as extreme […]
inspirational approach of sampling
One of my favorite Da Vinci methods is Idea Fusion. With this method, you take existing innovative ideas into your session to inspire your team. I always thought of this […]
idea fusion innovative brainstorming
Have you ever has a brainstorming session where the ideas were okay, but nothing really wowed you?Or have you ever felt the ideas out of your session have been done […]
Speed Kills: Hit Singles in 30 Minutes or Less
Sometimes speed kills, especially when it comes to writing a hit single. Lady Gaga once said, “If it takes you longer than, like, ten to thirty minutes to write a […]
executive brainstorming
Executive brainstorming can be the most challenging sessions you could ever lead. These sessions can also can be the most rewarding. Linda Taylor, the Managing Partner from Executive Rhythm. joins […]
madness in the method
With method acting the actor loses themselves within the character. It’s not a role they turn on or off, rather they transform their life into the role. There are many […]
method acting inspired brainstorming
There are many ways to inspire people prior to brainstorming. In my experience, one of the most effective ways is a Da Vinci method called the Mimic. The Mimic requires […]
I see a lot of similarities between improv and brainstorming. I love interviews where a comedian provides insight into improv in their stand-up, how improv affects their acting, and who […]
If you could invite seven people, living or dead, to a brainstorming session, who would you choose? For me, Leonardo da Vinci is at the top of the list. Others […]
inspiration, experimentation, and change
When researching my book, I became mesmerized by the documentary Echo in the Canyon. Sometimes in music history a place becomes the epicenter for inspiration, experimentation and change. This was […]
rudderless brainstorming
Awhile back, I was on a podcast and asked the question: what is bad brainstorming? My reply was rudderless brainstorming. You see, bad brainstorming can feel like you are on […]
power of the hook
In songwriting, the power of the hook is special. I find singers sharing their songwriting process engaging. Sometimes the singer discusses their approach they use to write songs. For example, […]
Zoom Storming
Zoom Storming is a collaboration challenge. The pandemic has disrupted business and it will never be the same. Many companies have transitioned from a traditional office environment to allowing employees […]
Muscle Shoals: An Artist's Inspirational Location
Muscle Shoals is an enigma in music history. This small town in Northern Alabama attracted many artists in the late sixties and seventies due to its unique sound. This inspirational […]