Brainstorming Leadership Training with Da Vinci Masterclass

The Da Vinci Masterclass is brainstorming leadership training designed
to inspire teams, maximize their creativity, and generate great ideas!

Brainstorming Leadership Techniques

This masterclass teaches people the Idea Architect role by learning how to apply the Da Vinci guiding principles and methods within different scenarios.

The idea architect role provides the spark in a Da Vinci Session. This leader is an active facilitator, participant and thought leader that inspires the team.

Learn Methods to Inspire a Team

Masterclass participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the role and how to set-up a successful session using the nine guiding principles.

Also, they will also learn how to apply the twenty methods within different scenarios people typically encounter when leading brainstorming sessions.

Key Takeaways

The following are three key takeaways from the session:

lead a session

Brainstorming Leadership Techniques

Learn about the idea architect role and how to lead a successful brainstorming session.

Design a Session for Success

Learn how to spply nine guiding principles to design a specific brainstorming session.

maximize collaboration

Maximize Collaboration

Learn how to apply method to maximize collaboration based on common scenarios encountered in brainstorming sessions.

Session Specifics

The following are specifics for the session.

Number of people

8 to 16 People


Full Day (6 Hours)


On-site and Virtual Sessions Available


Masterclass Workbook
Da Vinci Cards
Brainstorming with
Da Vinci Book

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