Design and Lead Your Own Brainstorming Session

Learn proven brainstorming leadership techniques and put them into practice by designing and leading your own live session.

Design Your Brainstorming Session

On the first day the group will go through the masterclass and actively design their brainstorming session using the nine guiding principles and methods.

This is an interactive session where participants will learn  and apply brainstorming leadership techniques  to create their own session.

Lead a Live Session

One the second and third days, each participant will lead their brainstorming session.

The session will be video captured and constructive feedback will be provided on ways to improve their session.

Key Takeaways

The following are three key takeaways from the session:

Design Your Session

Learn about the idea architect role and how to design a successful brainstorming session based on your objective.

lead a live session

Lead a Live Session

Learn how to use Da Vinci Methods based on scenarios within your session.

get performance feedback

Get Performance Feedback

You will receive live feedback on brainstorming leadership techniques and methods within your session. 

Session Specifics

The following are details for the Da Vinci Boot Camp.

number of people

8 People

session length

Three Day Boot Camp


Only Available On-Site


Masterclass Workbook
Da Vinci Cards
Brainstorming with
Da Vinci Book

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