Maximize team collaboration

Take Your Collaboration to a New Level

The Da Vinci approach is designed to maximize team collaboration and creativity through an entertaining brainstorming training approach.

Create a Positive Collaborative Culture
Great ideas are consistently generated by a positive collaborative culture.

The Da Vinci approach inspires teams through positive brainstorming methods to maximize team collaboration and creativity.

Lead a Team to Maximize Their Creativity
We help train people on how to lead a successful brainstorming session. T

he Da Vinci methods will help you architect a session to focus your team, inspire them, elevate their thinking to the next level, and if need be, shake it up a bit.

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brainstorming techniques

Artist Inspired Methods to Maximize Team Collaboration

Brainstorming is an art, not an exercise.

Da Vinci methods combine best practices in brainstorming with different methods artist, writers, actors, and musicians used to a create masterpiece or give a memorable performance.

The approach draws inspiration from a wide array of creative celebrities including Leonardo Da Vinci, E.L. James, Daniel Day-Lewis, Amy Poehler, and Eric Clapton to name a few.

The result: Proven brainstorming techniques that will not only inspire your team to generate big ides, but are fun to learn and exciting to use!

brainstorming leadership

An Innovative Leadership Role Designed to Unlock a Team’s Creativity

The Idea Architect provides the spark in a Da Vinci Session. The Idea Architect is an active facilitator, participant, and thought leader. 

The following 4C’s cover the responsibilities of the Idea Architect:

Create: Create stimulus to get people to think different.

Choreograph: Choreograph the meeting to keep people engaged.

Contribute: Contribute ideas and build off other’s ideas.

Cultivate: Cultivate ideas with the team to take ideas to the next level.

To learn more, check out our training below.

Brainstorming Collaboration and Leadership Training

We offer training for groups to increase collaboration and individuals to become a effective, energetic brainstorming lead. 
On-site and virtual sessions available.

brainstorming leadership book

The Ultimate Guide to Leading a Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming with Da Vinci is now available on Amazon. 

The book is focused on one goal: Inspiring teams to generate big ideas, and make those ideas a reality.

To achieve this goal, the guiding principles, and methods in the book are designed to get the most out of a brainstorming session.

These brainstorming techniques help you architect a session to focus your team, inspire them, elevate their thinking to the next level, and if need be, shake it up a bit.

The principles and methods in the book are not limited to business and can be used for different professions and personal experiences.

Bottom line, The Da Vinci Approach is built for when you must lead a session—and want it to be insightful, productive, and engaging in the process.

Get your copy today!

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